the Carmel

To my Cherished Mother the Beautiful Angel of my childhood - PN 22

The 7 September 1895

1. Far from the beautiful sky my homeland
I'm not alone here,
For in the exile of this life
A beautiful Angel guides my steps.

2. This beautiful Angel, oh dear Mother!
sang near my cradle,
And the accent of its melody
Still seems brand new to me.

3. He sang of Jesus the charms,
He sang the joy of a pure heart
With his wing drying my tears
He was singing the beautiful azure sky.

4. He sang Almighty
Who made the golden star and the flower,
He sang the God of childhood
Who of the lilies keeps the whiteness.

5. He sang the Virgin Mary,
The azure of his vast coat.
And the hill and the meadow
Where the virgins follow the Lamb.

6. This beautiful Angel, oh profound mystery!
Called me her little sister.
He looked like a mother
And I rested on his heart!.......

7. In the shadow of her white wings,
I was growing up fast,
Already the eternal shores
Had delighted my childish eyes.

8. I would have liked to leave the earth
With the Angel flying to Heaven
And see the divine light
Surround us both.

9. But, alas! one day the beautiful angel
Instead of taking me to heaven
Seeking virgins the phalanx,
Soared to Carmel!.....

10. Oh! that I would have liked to follow him,
Contemplate its virtues closely.
Of his life I wanted to live,
Like him, to unite myself to Jesus.

11. Oh! happiness without any mixture
Jesus granted all my wishes
In Carmel near my beautiful Angel
I no longer expect anything but the Heavens!...

12. And Now His Melody
I can hear it every day
At his voice, my soul delighted
Burns with the fire of Love.

13. Mother, Love gives wings....
Soon I will be able to fly away
To the Eternal Hills
Where Jesus deigns to call me...

14. But on this foreign beach
Without leaving the Celestial Court
I will come down to my Mother
To be his angel in my turn.

15. For me Heaven would be without charms
If I can't comfort you
In smiles change your tears.....
All my secrets to reveal to you!....

16. Celestial and deep joy
Without you I could not enjoy
Leave you long in this world
Oh ! I couldn't bear it!...

17. We will fly to the Fatherland
On the other side of the blue sky
Together, O my dear Mother!
Always, we will see the Good God! ! !....

Dating: September 7, 1895
Recipient: Agnes of Jesus for her birthday.
Poem full of tenderness for the 34 years of Pauline, who will always particularly appreciate it.

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