the Carmel

Song of a soul having found its resting place!... - PN 21


(Air: Do you know the country)

1. O Jesus! on this day, you break my bonds...
It is in the blessed order of the Virgin Mary
That I can find the real goods.
Lord, if I left my dear family
You will know how to fill her with celestial favors
To me you will forgive sinners....

2. Jesus, in Carmel I want to live
Since in this oasis your love called me
It's there (twice) that I want to follow you
To love you, to love you and to die
This is where I want to follow you
It's there, yes it's there!

3. O Jesus! on this day, you fulfill all my wishes
I will now be able, near the Eucharist
Immolate myself in silence, wait in peace for the Heavens.
Exposing myself to the rays of the Divine Host
At this hearth of love, I will consume myself
And like a seraph, Lord, I will love you.

4. Jesus, soon I must follow you
On the eternal shore, when my days end
Always (twice) in Heaven I must live
To love you and not to die anymore....
Still in Heaven I must live
Always, yes always!.....

Dating: August 15, 1895
Recipient: Marie Guerin
For her cousin's entry into the Carmel (after a long delay), Thérèse created this poem that Marie would sing herself in front of the community, in the evening.

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