the Carmel

My Heaven here below!... - PN 20


(Tune: Cute on the Foreign Shore)

1. Jesus, your ineffable image
Is the star that guides my steps
Ah! you know your sweet Face
Is for me Heaven here below.
My love discovers the charms
Of your Face embellished with tears
I smile through my tears
When I contemplate your pains...

2. Oh! I want to comfort you
To live ignored on this earth!....
Your beauty that you know how to veil
Reveals all its mystery to me.
Towards you I would like to fly!....

3. Your Face is my only Fatherland
She is my kingdom of love
She is my smiling Meadow
My sweet Sun every day
She is the lily of the valley
Whose mysterious perfume
Console my exiled soul
Makes him taste the peace of Heaven.

4. She is my Rest, my Sweetness
And my melodious Lyre...
Your Face, O my sweet Savior
Is the Divine bouquet of Myrrh
That I want to keep on my heart!...

5. Your Face is my only wealth
I don't ask for anything more
In her constantly hiding me
I will be like you, Jesus....
Leave in me the divine imprint
Of your features filled with sweetness
And soon I will become holy
Towards you I will attract hearts.

6. So That I May Amass
A beautiful golden harvest
Deign to set me ablaze with your fires.
Soon from your beloved mouth
Give me the eternal Kiss!...  

12 August 1895

Dating: August 12, 1895
Recipient: Mary of the Trinity
Thérèse writes for the heroine's 21st birthday, in whose life the Holy Face has played a very big role since childhood.

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