the Carmel

The atom of Jesus-Host - PN 19

(Thoughts of Sr Saint Vincent de Paul put into verse at his request) 

1. I'm just a speck of dust
But I want to fix my stay
In the shadows of the sanctuary
With the Prisoner of Love
Ah! towards the host my soul aspires
I love it and want nothing more
It's the hidden God that attracts me,
I am the atom of Jesus.....

2. I want to remain ignorant
In the oblivion of all created
And console with my silence
The Host of the sacred ciborium.
Oh ! I would like to save souls,
Sinners make elect....
From an apostle give the flames
To your atom, sweet Jesus!....

3. If I am despised by the world,
If he looks at me like nothing,
A divine peace floods me
For I have the host for my support,
When I approach the ciborium
All my sighs are heard...
To be a nothingness is my glory,
I am the atom of Jesus....

4. Sometimes when the sky is dark
The atom cannot fly
He likes hiding in the shadows
At the golden gate to attach oneself,
So the divine light
Who rejoices all the elect
Come warm on this earth
The poor atom of Jesus...

5. Under the warm rays of grace
The atom becomes scintillating
When the light breeze passes
It rocks slowly...
Oh ! what an ineffable delight
What benefits did he not receive?...
Up to the host slips
The poor atom of Jesus.....

6. Consuming near the host
In the tabernacle of love
This is how my life will go
Waiting for the last day
When the test is over
Flywheel to the stay of the elected
The Atom of the Eucharist
Will shine close to his Jesus!......
Air: By the most magnificent songs

Dating: 1895, during the summer (possibly July 19 recipient's birthday)
Recipient: Saint Vincent de Paul, at his request.
After PN-15, Thérèse elaborates again on the thoughts of Sister Saint Vincent de Paul, always centered on the tiny atom, which at the time was defined as the smallest quantity of an element. Much smaller than the grain of sand once dear to Thérèse.

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