the Carmel

Who has Jesus has Everything - PN 18bis

(Tune: How Sweet I Remember)

Despising the joys of the earth
I became a prisoner
I saw that all pleasure is fleeting
You are my only happiness
Lord !...

Under my steps the grass is bruised,
The flower in my hand has withered!...
Jesus, I want to run in your meadow
On it will not mark
My steps !...

It's your love alone that drives me.
My herd I leave in the plain
To keep it I don't bother
I want to please my only Lamb

Jesus, you are the Lamb that I love.
You are enough for me, O Supreme Good!
In you I have everything, the earth and the sky itself
The Flower that I pick, O my King!
It's you !...

In you, I have the beautiful nature.
I have the rainbow, pure snow
The distant islands, the ripe harvest
The butterflies, the cheerful spring
The fields.

I have the ship fleeing the beach
The golden furrow and the shore
I have sun scalloping the cloud
As it disappears from the skies

You whose hand sustains the worlds
Who plants the deep forests
You who at a glance make them fruitful
You follow me with a look of love
Always !....

Drawn by the gentle flame
The butterfly flies and ignites
So your love attracts my soul
It is in him that I want to fly
Burn !...


I can already hear it getting ready
My God, your eternal party
To the willows taking my mute harp
Very close to You I will sit
See you.

With you, I'm going to see Mary
The Saints, my dear family...
I go after the exile of this life
Find the paternal roof
To the sky !...

Dating: March 1897
Recipient: Abbe Belliere
By copying some of her poems for the Abbé Bellière, Thérèse refashions the previous poetry. She shortens it by keeping only stanzas 32, 33, 35-36, 41, 47, 50, 53-55, with variants for 32, 41, 54, 55. Which makes it another poem, denser than PN-18.

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