the Carmel

Celine's Song - PN 18

1. Oh! that I love the memory
Blessed days of my childhood....
To keep the flower of my innocence
The Lord always surrounds me
Of love !....

2. Also, despite my smallness
I was filled with tenderness
And from my heart escaped the promise
To marry the King of the elect

3. I loved in the spring of my life
Saint Joseph, the Virgin Mary
Already my soul was plunging delighted
When reflected in my eyes
Heaven !...

4. I liked the wheat fields, the plain
I loved the distant hill
Oh ! in my joy I barely breathed
Harvesting with my sisters

5. I liked to pick herbs
Blueberries... all the flowers
I found the perfume of violets
And especially that of the cuckoo clocks
Very sweet...

6. I loved the white daisy
Sunday walks
The little birds singing on the branch
And the always radiant azure

7. I loved to pose every year
My shoe in the fireplace
Running as soon as I was awake
I was singing Heaven's party
Christmas !...

8. Of Mom I liked the smile;
His deep gaze seemed to say:
"Eternity delights me and attracts me..."
I will go to the blue sky
See God!

9. “I will find in the Fatherland”
“My angels... the Virgin Mary
Of my children that I leave alive
"To Jesus I will offer tears..."

10. Oh! that I loved Jesus-Host
Who came in the morning of my life
Get engaged to my delighted soul
Oh ! that I opened with happiness
My heart !....

11. Later I liked the creature
Which seemed to me to be pure
Searching everywhere for the God of nature
In Him I found forever
The peace !...

12. Oh! that I loved at the belvedere
Flooded with joy, with light
To receive the caresses of a Father
To contemplate her white hair

13. On her knees being placed
With Thérèse at the vigil
I remember, I was cradled for a long time,
I still hear her sweet song
The focus!...

14. O memory! you give me rest
You remind me of many things...
Evening suppers... the scent of roses!...
Bushes full of gaiety

15. I loved when the day was falling
To be able to confuse at my ease
My soul with that of my Thérèse
I only trained with my sister
What a heart.

16. Then our voices were mixed
Our hands chained to each other
Ensemble singing the Sacred Weddings
We were already dreaming of Carmel....
The sky !....

17. From Switzerland and Italy
Blue sky, golden fruits had delighted me
I especially liked the look full of life
Of the Holy Elder Pontiff-King
On me....

18. With love I kissed you
Blessed land of the Colosseum!...
From the catacombs the sacred vault
Repeated very softly
My song.

19. After the joys came the tears!...
Great were our alarms...
Of my Spouse I put on arms
And his Cross became my support
My good.....

20. Ah! long I was exiled
Deprived of my beloved family
And I had, poor hurt doe
Than the only flowered rosehip

21. But one evening my tender soul
Saw Mary's smile
And of his blood a blessed drop
For me it changed (what a blessing!)
In milk!...

22. So I loved running away from the world
May the distant echo answer me!...
In the solitary and fruitful valley,
I was picking through my tears
Flowers !...

23. I loved from the distant church
Hear the indecisive bell
To listen to the sighs of the breeze
In the fields I liked to sit

24. I loved the flight of swallows,
The plaintive song of doves,
I listened to insects the sound of wings
Loving their hum

25. I loved the morning dew
And the graceful cicada
I loved to see the virginal bee
Who prepared as soon as he woke up

26. I liked to pick heather
Running on light foam
I was taking flutter on the fern
Butterflies with pure reflection

27. I liked the glowworm in the shadows
I loved the stars without number
Above all I loved the shine in the dark azure
From the moon to the silver disc

28. I liked to fill with tenderness
My Grandfather in his old age
He was everything to me...happiness...child...wealth!...
Ah! I kissed her tenderly

29. We loved the soft sound of the wave
Hear the rumbling storm
In the evening in deep loneliness
From the nightingale to the bottom of the wood
The voice !...

30. But one morning her beautiful face
From the Crucifix looked for the image....
Of his love he left me the pledge
Giving me his last look....
"My part!......."

31. And of Jesus the divine hand
Took Celine's only treasure
And taking it far away from the hill
Placed him near the Lord
To the sky !...

32. Now I am a prisoner
I fled the groves of the earth
I saw that everything in her is ephemeral...
I saw my happiness wither
Die !.....

33. Under my steps the grass is bruised!...
The flower in my hands has withered!...
Jesus, I want to run in your meadow
On it will not mark
My steps......

34. Like a deer in its ardent thirst
Sigh after the gushing water,
O Jesus! towards you I run failing,
It takes to calm my ardor
Your tears!...

35. It is your love alone that drives me.
My herd I leave in the plain
To keep it I don't bother,
I want to please my only Lamb

36. Jesus, you are the Lamb I love
You are enough for me, O supreme good!
In you, I have everything, the earth and the sky itself
The Flower that I pick, oh my King
It's you !...

37. Jesus, Beautiful Lily of the Valley
Your sweet scent captivated me
Bouquet of myrrh, O fragrant corolla!
On my heart I want to keep you
To love you...

38. Always your love accompanies me
In you, I have the woods, the countryside
I have the reeds, the meadow, the mountain
The rains and the snowflake

39. In you, Jesus, I have all things
I have wheat, half-closed flowers
Myosotis, buttercup, beautiful roses
White lily of the valley I have the freshness
The smell !....

40. I have the melodious lyre
The harmonious loneliness
Rivers, rocks, graceful waterfall
Light deer, gazelle, squirrel

41. I have the rainbow, pure snow
The vast horizon, the greenery
The distant islands... The ripe harvest
The butterflies, the cheerful spring
The fields.

42. In your love I still find
The palm trees that the sun gilds
The night like the rising of the dawn,
The gentle murmur of the stream,
The bird.

43. I have the delicious clusters,
The graceful dragonflies,
The virgin forest with mysterious flowers,
I have all the blond little children
Their songs.

44. In you I have springs and hills
Lianas, periwinkle, hawthorn
Fresh water lilies, honeysuckle, wild rose
The poplar frisilis

45. I have crazy, shaky oats,
From the winds the deep and powerful voice,
The Virgin's thread, the ardent flame
The zephyr, the flowering bushes,
The nests.
46. ​​I have the beautiful lake, I have the valley
Solitary and all wooded
From the ocean I have the silver wave
Golden fish, various treasures
47. I have the ship fleeing the beach,
The golden furrow and the shore
I have sun scalloping the cloud
As he disappears from the skies

48. In you I have the pure dove.
In you, under my homespun dress
I find ring, necklaces and adornment
Jewels, pearls and diamonds

49. In you I have the shining star,
Often your love reveals itself
And I see as through a veil
When the day is on its decline
Your hand.

50. You whose hand sustains the worlds
Who plants the deep forests,
You who at a glance make them fruitful,
You follow me with a look of love

51. I have your Heart, your adored Face
Your sweet gaze that hurt me
I have the kiss from your sacred mouth
I love you and want nothing more

52. I will sing with the angels
Of sacred love the praises
Fly me soon in their knuckles
O Jesus! that I die one day
Of love !....

53. Attracted by the gentle flame
The butterfly flies and ignites.
So your love attracts my soul
It is in him that I want to fly
Burn !....

54. I can already hear it getting ready
My God, your eternal party.......
To the willows taking my mute harp,
On your lap I will sit
See you !...

55. Near You, I go to see Mary....
The Saints.... my dear family!...
I go after the exile of this life
Find the paternal roof
To the sky !.......

Dating: April 28th
Recipient: Céline (sr Geneviève) at his request
Poem written for Céline's birthday on a melody that Mr. Martin liked very much.

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