the Carmel

The atom of the Sacred Heart - PN 15


Your atom, Divine Heart
give you his life
This is his peace, his happiness
Charm you, Lord.


I'm at your door
night and day
Your grace carries me
Long live your love!...


O hide your glory
Make me a sweet nest
In the Holy Ciborium
The day and the night.


Your wing, oh wonder!
become my shelter
When I wake up
Jesus, you are smiling...


Your gaze ignites me
My only love,
consume my soul
Jesus, without return.


Filled with tenderness
Your voice delights me
And your heart urges me
O my sweet Friend!...


Your hand relieves me
And serves as my support.
you give courage
To the groaning heart.


Of all fatigue
Comfort my heart.
And for the prodigal
Be the Good Shepherd.


Oh ! the sweet show
miracle of love
In the tabernacle
I always stay.


Disengaged from the world
And without any support
Your grace overwhelms me
My only friend!...


Oh ! what a sweet martyrdom
I burn with love
To you I sigh
Jesus, every day!...

Dating: 1894
Recipient: Saint Vincent de Paul, at his request.
Poetry with very short little lines, where Thérèse slips into the inner life of Sister Saint Vincent de Paul, using this theme of the atom which she greatly appreciates. Sister St Vincent de Paul will ask for another poem (PN-19) on the atom, which was defined at the time as the smallest quantity of an element.

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