the Carmel

Song of gratitude of the Bride of Jesus - PN 16

(Air - Oh! holy altar)

1. You have hidden me forever in your Face!...
Divine Jesus, deign to listen to my voice
I come to sing the inexpressible grace
To have suffered... to have carried the Cross...

2. I drank a long time from the chalice of tears
I shared your cup of pain
And I understood that suffering has charms
That by the Cross we save sinners.

3. It is through the Cross that my soul is enlarged
Has seen a new horizon open up.
Under the rays of your blessed Face
My weak heart has risen high.

4. My Beloved, your sweet voice is calling me
Come, you tell me, winter has already fled
For you begins a new season
Finally the day will replace the night.

5. Look up to the Holy Fatherland
And you will see on thrones of honor
A beloved Father.... A dear Mother
To whom you owe your immense happiness!...

6. How a moment will pass your life
On the Carmel we are very close to the Heavens
My beloved, my love has chosen you
I reserve for you a glorious throne!...
(February 5, 1895)

Dating: 5th February 1895
Recipient: Celine (Sr Genevieve)
Thérèse composes here on the occasion of the taking of her sister Céline's habit, 5 months after her entry, to open up a new horizon for her.

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