the Carmel

The Queen of Heaven to her beloved child Marie de la Sainte Face - PN 13


 1. I am looking for a child who looks like
To Jesus, my only lamb
To keep them together
Both in the same cradle.

2. The Angel of the Holy Fatherland
You would be jealous of this happiness!...
But I give it to you, Mary,
The Child God will be your Spouse!...

3. I chose you
To be Jesus' sister.
Do you want to keep Him company?...
You will rest on my heart.

4. I will hide you under the veil
Where dwells the King of Heaven,
My Son will be the only star
Now shining in your eyes.

5. But so that I always shelter you,
Under my veil near Jesus,
You will have to stay small,
Adorned with childish virtues....

6. I want your forehead to shine
sweetness and purity
But the virtue that I give you
Above all, it is Simplicity.

7. The God, the One in three persons
What trembling angels adore
The Lord wants you to give him
The simple name of Fleur des champs.

8. Like a white daisy
Who always looks at the sky
Be the simple flower too
From the little Christmas Child!...

9. The world misunderstands charms
Of the King who exiles himself from Heaven
Many times you will see tears
Shine in her sweet little eyes.

10. It will be necessary that forgetting your sorrows
To rejoice the Lovable Child
You bless your sweet chains
And how softly you sing!....

11. The God whose omnipotence
Stop the roaring tide
Borrowing the traits of childhood
Wants to become weak and small.

12. The Uncreated Word of the Father
Who exiles himself here below for you
My sweet Lamb, your little Brother
Mary, don't speak to you!...

13. This silence is the first pledge
Of his inexpressible love
Understanding this mute language
You will imitate him every day.

14. What if sometimes Jesus sleeps
You will rest close to Him
His divine heart that always watches
Will serve you as a gentle support.

15. Don't Worry, Mary
Of the work of each day
Because your work in this life
Must be only: “Love!”

16. But if anyone complains
That your works cannot be seen
"I love it very much, can you say
Here is my wealth here below!...»

17. Jesus will weave your crown
If you only want his love
If your heart in Him abandons itself
He will always make you reign.

18. After the Night of This Life
Invited by His sweet Gaze
In Heaven your soul delighted
Will fly without any delay!...
Christmas Eve 1894
(Song tune: On the mainmast of a corvette)

Dating: December 25, 1894
Recipient: Céline – at the time Marie of the Holy Face
Céline entered since September 14, and she is going to live her first Christmas in Carmel when she does not find everything very rosy. Her little sister intervenes with these lines that are both sweet and encouraging.

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