the Carmel

It is near you, Virgin Mary - PN 12


18 December 1894 

1. It is near you, Virgin Mary,
That we come to sing tonight
You praying for the darling child
Of which you are the only hope.

2. On the blessed day of your expectation
You make his heart very happy
She pitches her tent in Carmel
And only awaits the Holy Vows.

3. This beautiful day, O tender Mary
Reminds him of a sweet memory
On another day of his life
Your coat came to cover her.

4. The homespun is finally returned to him
Twice she took your habit
May she also be dressed
Mother, of your double mind.

5. She sang: “I have courage!...”
It's true, we said it quietly
She sang, "I like the book!"
The work here is not lacking!

6. But strength is a very good thing
To work hard
On her cheeks put a rose
Mother, the brilliant color!...

7. For her the wait is over
His heart tastes the peace of Heaven
With the dress of the Bride
Jesus wants to see her at Christmas.

8. That He deigns to hide in his Face
Tender Mother, your humble lamb
This is where he claims a place
Not wanting another crib.

9. Deign to answer, O Mary!
The wishes of your poor lamb.
During the night of this life
Hide it under your coat.

10. Listen to all his prayers
And your Maternal heart
He keeps the Mothers for a long time
Who give him back his dear Carmel!...

Dating: December 18, 1894
Recipient: Mary of the Trinity
On the occasion of the taking of the habit of Marie-Louise Castel, entry into Lisieux on June 16. Thérèse placed the heroine in the hands of the Virgin in her previous poetry, and the community supports this by praying to her in this response. This poetry is sung by the community in response to the song of PN-11.

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