the Carmel

For the taking of the habit of Marie-Agnès of the Holy Face - PN 11

“The time for tears is finally over”

1.Virgin Mary, despite my impotence
I want to sing on the evening of this beautiful day
The Song of Gratitude
And my hope of being God's without return
Ah! so long, far from the holy ark
My poor heart longed for Carmel
I found it, now no more fear
Here I taste the first fruits of Heaven!

The time for tears is finally over
I put on the fleece of the herd
For me a new horizon dawns
Divine Mother, on this day full of charms
Oh ! hide the poor lamb well
Under your coat.

2.I am very young, and already suffering
Bitter trial has visited my heart
Virgin Mary, my only hope
To your lamb you return happiness
You give me Carmel for family
Of your children I am also the sister
Mother dear, I become your daughter
The bride of Jesus my Saviour.

3. Of your Son the ineffable gaze
On my poor soul deigned to stoop
I searched for her lovely face
And it is in Him that I want to hide
I will always have to stay small
To deserve the looks of his eyes
But in virtue I will grow very quickly
Under the ardor of this star of the Heavens.

4. Sweet Marie, I do not fear the work,
You know my goodwill
I have faults, but also courage
And of my sisters great is charity
Waiting for the beautiful day of my wedding
I will imitate their sublime virtues
Because I feel it, you give me strength
To become the bride of Jesus.

Last Chorus
Deign to bless the Revered Mothers
Whose kindness gave me back Carmel
Next to you on an immortal throne
Virgin Mary, may I see them placed
And your maternal heart
Crowns in Heaven.

Dating: December 18, 1894
Recipient: Mary of the Trinity – at the time Marie-Agnès of the Holy Face
Poem written on the occasion of the taking of the habit of Marie-Louise Castel, who entered Lisieux on June 16, after a 2-year stay in the Carmel of Avenue de Messine in Paris. This poetry is intended to be sung by the heroine, to which the community will respond in PN-12.

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