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Account book of Louis Martin

Louis Martin, a young man, kept a small account book from 1845 to 1847.
A few pages only, written on a 15,3 cm school notebook. by 19,2 cm.

What do these account statements for Louis Martin, a 22-year-old bachelor, tell us? Usual expenses for dressing, summer and winter; and when the holidays come, Christmas and New Year's Day, he thinks of presents. He also has his father and he helps him sometimes. Exceptionally, he buys class books for learning Latin, he even plans to take up Greek, he pays regularly every month for lessons from a tutor. In vain since it ends, eighteen months later, by the resale of the dictionary, and apparently, by the stopping of the courses. The young Martin will never be a priest but a father. And skilled at doing the accounts and making the couple's money grow.

Note on the coinage of 1845 : 1 franc is approximately equivalent to 3,5 euros.

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