the Carmel

The voices of Jeanne and Francis La Néele

Listen to Jeanne (Guérin) La Néele sing!

Thérèse's cousin sings La Rose effeuillée

This small miracle is due to the old cylinder recording techniques, from 1877, with the discoveries of ThomasEdison. These cylinders are the ancestors of the disc. First covered with tin foil, they will be covered with wax 10 years later like the one in our recording. They measured about 10 cm., with a diameter of 5 cm., for a duration of 2 to 3 minutes.

An electrical signal from the microphone activated, thanks to an electromagnet, a chisel which engraved the disc covered with wax. At the hearing, you can hear the cylinder rotating (not very pleasant) and you have to turn up the volume to hear it well.

Jeanne sings the first verse of “Une Rose effeuillée”. She uses the score that Thérèse used to compose her poetry: The rose-moss.

From 1'11, she sings the famous romance “Do you know the country? » taken from Mignon, opera by Ambroise Thomas.

At the end, Francis exclaims: "Bravo bravo bravo my little wife! That's very good, bravo! bis bis!" And Jeanne continues with a variant of the children's song "Pipo, when he was a soldier."

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A leafless rose

1. Jesus, when I see you supported by your Mother
leave his arms
Try trembling on our sad land
your first steps
In front of you I would like to pluck a rose
In its freshness
So that your little foot gently rests
On a flower!...

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