the Carmel

RP 2 - The Angels at the Crib of Jesus

Date: December 25, 1894

Occasion: Community recreation on Christmas Eve

Melodies used (see the scores at the bottom of the page):

  • Fallen from the nest : 1r°/v°
  • divine incense : 2v°/3r°
  • To the blood of a God (passion tune): 3v°
  • Sing, mortals "I am from Heaven the joyful messenger": 4r°/v°
  • Ay Chiquita ( On earth all is not rosy): 5r°
  • Midnight Christians : 5v°/6r° and 8r°
  • O Heart of our loving Mother : 6°
  • Where are you going little bird? : 6v° to 8r°
  • God of peace and love (Hymn to the Eucharist): 8v°

The clothes of angels and the scores

The robes shown in this photo gallery are the angel robes made and worn by the Carmelites during the performance of the play.
The scores are scores of songs known at the time on which the lyrics were adapted.

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