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The Divine Dew or the Virginal Milk of Mary - PN 01

1. My Sweet Jesus, on your Mother's bosom
You appear to me, radiant with Love.
Love, this is the ineffable mystery
Who exiled you from the Celestial Stay...
Ah! let me hide under the veil
That hides you from any mortal gaze
And near you, O Morning Star!
I will find a taste of Heaven.

2. As soon as a new dawn wakes
When from the sun we see the first fires
The tender flower that begins to bloom
Awaits from above a precious balm
It's morning dew beneficent
All filled with a sweet freshness
Which produces abundant sap
Fresh button makes the flower open.

3. It's you, Jesus the Flower just opened,
I contemplate you when you first wake up,
It's you, Jesus, the lovely Rose,
Fresh button, graceful and vermeil.
The pure arms of your darling Mother
Form for you cradle, royal throne
Your sweet sun is Mary's womb
And your Dew is Virginal Milk!...

4. My Beloved, my divine little Brother
In your gaze I see all the future
Soon for me you will leave your mother
Already Love urges you to suffer
But on the cross, O Blooming Flower!
I recognize your morning scent,
I recognize the Dew of Mary.
Your divine blood is Virgin Milk!...

5. This dew hides in the sanctuary,
The angel of heaven contemplates her delighted,
Offering to God his sublime prayer
Like Saint John, he said again: “Here he is”
Yes, here it is, this Word makes Host,
Eternal Priest, Sacerdotal Lamb,
The Son of God is the Son of Mary,
The bread of the Angel is the Virgin Milk.

6. The Seraph feeds on glory,
In Paradise his happiness is perfect
Me weak child, I do not see with the ciborium
That the color, the figure of Milk
But it is the Milk that is suitable for childhood
And of Jesus the Love is without equal
O tender Love! Unfathomable power
My white Host is Virginal Milk!...

Air: Midnight, Christians

Dating: February 2, 1893
Addressee: Sr Thérèse of Saint-Augustin
Sr Thérèse of Saint-Augustin herself tells the origin of the poem: "One day I asked her to compose a hymn on our favorite subject. "It's impossible, she replied, I don't know poetry at all. -What does it matter, there is no question of sending him to the Academy, it is only a question of pleasing me and satisfying a desire of my soul. -I still hesitate a little because I don't know if it is God's will. - Oh! for this, I will give you some advice. Before you begin, you are going to say to Our Lord: "My God, if it is not your will, I ask you for the grace of not being able to succeed, but if this should procure your glory, come to my aid." I believe that after that, you can be without anxiety. She followed my advice..." cf. Memories of a Holy Friendship

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