the Carmel

RP 1 - The Mission of Joan of Arc

or The Shepherdess of Domrémy listening to her Voices

Date: 21th January 1894

Occasion: First feast of Mother Agnès as prioress

Melodies used (see the scores at the bottom of the page):

  • It's me who they call the blonde Iétala ; or One day a shepherdess called Isabeau ; or even Paquita : 1r°/2r°
  • Go, heralds, song of the departure of the missionaries: 5r° to 14v° (9 verses)
  • The Angel and the Soul : 5v°/6r°
  • Fallen from the nest : 8r° to 12v° (5 verses)
  • Lord, when my cold bed : 8v°/10r°, 11v° 22/ 12v° 4, 13r° 2-9
  • I'm dying not to die (Gloss of Saint Teresa of Avila): 11r°
  • The lament of the moss : 17v°/18r°
  • Twigs : 18r°/20r°
  • Mignon's regrets : 19r°/v°
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