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Canticle to obtain the Canonization of the Venerable Joan of Arc - PN 04

1.God of hosts, the whole Church
Soon wishes to honor at the Altar
A Martyr, a warrior Virgin
Whose sweet name resounds in Heaven.

Ref. 1          


By your Power, O King of Heaven,
Give to Joan of France
The Halo and the Altar

2. A conqueror for guilty France,
No, that is not the object of her desire.
Joan alone is capable of saving it.
All heroes weigh less than a martyr!

3. Lord, Joan is your splendid work.
A heart of fire, a warrior's soul:
You gave them to the timid virgin
Whom you wished to crown with laurels.

4. In her humble meadow Joan heard
Voices from Heaven calling her into combat.
She left to save her country.
The sweet Child commanded the army.

5. She won over the souls of proud warriors.
The divine luster of Heaven's messenger,
Her pure gaze, her fiery words
Were able to make bold brows give way....

6. By a prodigy unique in history,
People then saw a trembling monarch
Regain his crown and his glory
By means of a child's weak arm.

7. It is not Joan's victories
We wish to celebrate this day.
My God, we know her true glories .
Are her virtues, her love.

8. By fighting, Joan saved France.
But her great virtues
Had to be marked with the seal of suffering,
With the divine seal of Jesus her Spouse !

9. Sacrificing her life at the stake,
Joan heard the voice of the Blessed.
She left this exile for her Homeland.
The Savior Angel reascended into Heaven !...

10. Joan, you are our only hope.
From high in the Heavens, deign to hear our voices.
Come down to us, come convert France.
Come save her a second time.

Ref. 2


By the power
Of the Victorious God
Save, save France,
Angel Liberator !...

11. Chasing the English out of all France,
Daughter of God, how beautiful were your steps !
But remember that in the days of your childhood
You only tended weak lambs...

Ref. 3


Take up the defense
Of the powerless.
Preserve innocence
In the souls of children.

12. Sweet Martyr, our monasteries are yours.
You know well that virgins are your sisters,
And like you the object of their prayers
Is to see God reign in every heart.

Ref. 4          


To save souls
Is their desire.
Ah! give them your fire
Of Apostle and Martyr!
Of Apostle and Martyr!

Fear will be banished from every heart
When we shall see the Church crown
The pure brow of Joan our Saint,
And then we shall be able to sing :

Ref. 5


Our hope
Rests in you,
Saint Joan of France,
Pray, pray for us!

Dating: 8th May 1894
Recipient : Celine (Sr Genevieve)
Poem written in the wake of the Cause of Beatification of Joan of Arc. A bill proposes May 8 as the annual feast of Joan of Arc, and Lisieux, like its Carmel, is preparing for this day with enthusiasm. Used to make banners, Céline and Marie Guérin are not left out, like our Thérèse. See letter from Marie Guérin of May 1894.

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