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 [page]DatesEvents DevelopmentsH. FamousDiscoveries2-3The Egyptian peopleEgyptThe NileThe PharaohsWarsEurope was already inhabited four thousand years ago but the inhabitants were still wild at the same time Egypt located in Africa already knew how to build dykes, build cities and form a civilized people. The Nile *nil great river which waters Egypt overflows in the month of June after the melting of the snows of the high mountains. The whole country remains flooded *flooded until *until September. When the Nile withdraws it leaves a layer of silt which makes the land very fertile *fertile. the first lived in Memphis * Meisphis near the city called * today called Cairo the others in Thebes in Upper Egypt we still admire today their palaces and their temples. The kings commanded Warriors armed with lances and daggers. 'archs *arques they *he fought the negroes of Africa and Assyria and made *work the prisoners at their monuments the most famous was Rhamses *Eamses II whom we call Sesostris *Sessostris.4-5The PyramidsThe LabyrinthCheops one kings of Egypt erected the first pyramid and ordered all his subjects to work there, the Hebrews especially were forced to work at his hard work. While many men were digging the quarries of Arabia others dragged them *dragged and were obliged to bring them back to the other side of the Nile. The most famous pyramids are those of Giza. Cheops wanted to be buried in his pyramid when he died, but his subjects did not want to because of his great wickedness. marvels of the world is a cluster of palaces symmetrically arranged and in which any stranger would infallibly get lost who wanted to walk through them alone. The Labyrinth *Labyrinte consists of 1500 rooms underground to serve as burial places for kings and as many rooms above. I saw it said Herodotus and I found it above all you can see, no doubt the pyramids are admirable but the labyrinth *labyrinth is even more beautiful. Labirin-the6-7of Lake MoerisHychsos or ShepherdsRhamses IILake Moeris was a kind of reservoir, it was built under a king who gave it his name. For a long time it had been noticed that during the overflow of the Nile the inundation was sometimes too great and sometimes too small. The lake was used to receive *receive the overflow of the Nile and when the Nile was not full enough we watered with water from Lake Moeris The Hychsos Invaded Egypt under the XIIe dynasty they were given the name of Pastors it was around these times that Joseph was taken to Egypt. The pastors were driven out * driven out under the XVIIIe dynasty after their departure under the XIX dynasty the Pharaohs charged the Israelites with the most difficult work. It was then that Rhamses II or Sesostris appeared, his father having wanted to bring to the highest degree the power of his son had him surrounded by all the children who were of his age so that when he was old enough to reign he found in these *his children who had been brought up at court so many brave warriors and captains. His Reign was glorious he made brilliant conquests * conquered [he] did good by fertilizing the countryside, and he built * built Cities. .His invasion in Egypt.Sesostris was succeeded by his son Meremphtah. his kingdom was soon weakened by discords and uprisings then came a king who was quite wise but after him there came many troubles. As Egypt was divided into several states the Ethiopians came to invade it under king Sabacon. the priests could not defeat them at first *conquer but then they had the happiness of preventing them from invading the territory and they inspired such great confidence in the people that one of the priests of Vulcan, Sethos was appointed king.During the reign *reign of Sethos, the king of Assyria Sennacherib came to attack Egypt immediately the frightened Egyptians united with the Hebrews but the Assyrians would have infallibly defeated them, if the angel of the Lord had not exterminated the army of Sennacherib under the walls of Jerusalem and forced this impious prince to hide his shame in Nineveh, his capital10-11673-670670-616616-601The DodecarchyPsammitichusNechaoAfter the death of Sethos, Egypt was for two years very unhappy so it was divided between twelve kings or * where dodecarchy and they promised each other fidelity. However an oracle had announced that he who would make libations to Vulcan in a brazen vase would be named the only king this thing was done indeed and Psammitichus not having a golden vase took his brazen helmet so his rivals shamefully drove him out but returned to him and he made himself sole master of the country. them that he had taken refuge. He laid siege to a good number of towns. This king undertook the reform *reform of the Nile, he did not manage to pierce *perser the isthmus *hism of Suez so he ordered brave sailors to make the grand tour of the Africa and these intrepid sailors did without a compass what twenty centuries later was to immortalize Vasco da GamaPsammitichus NechaoSailors circumnavigated Africa without a compass.12-13Nechao's successorsThe vicissitudes of EgyptOf the government and legislation of the Egyptians - hold The successors of Néchao were Psammis, Apries, Amasis, Psamménit these kings had sometimes setbacks and sometimes victory. Amasis was distinguished by his intelligence. He was of low extraction but caused him to be forgotten by his merits. Nectanebus, whom the rebellious Egyptians placed on the throne, was the last prince of the Egyptian race who reigned over this region. Afterwards it passed into the hands of the Persians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Saracens, the Turks, the Mamelukes and the Ottomans. Egypt was very heavily populated, its inhabitants numbering seven million. The pharaohs ascending the throne became gods for their subjects. Justice was rendered by the priests. The Egyptians always had the thought of present death, they were sober and ate only out of necessity *nessesite. The Arts were not very developed however we discover paintings of great beauty. They worshiped false gods especially the beef apis. They embalmed their dead. Writing was the figure of everything. er Empire of AssyriaNinus and Nineveh Assyrians and Babylonians. Assyria included, Assyria proper, Mesopotamia and Babylonia. The fertile rivers were the Tigris and the Euphrates *Ephrates. The basin of the Tigris and the Euphrates was inhabited before that of the Nile, it is there that the descendants of Noah raised the tower of Babel. We find in the plain of Sennaar the three great races of Sem, Cham and Japheth. But the descendants of Shem were in greater number. Nimrod who was of the race of Ham founded Babylon. Assur who was of the race of Shem founded Nineveh. Assur had been driven out by Ninus. idolatry *idolatry came under the Babylonians. the Arabs took advantage of this weakening to impose their yoke on them. One of the kings of Nineveh Belus, dismissed the enemies and added Babylon to his kingdom. It was the foundation of the first empire of AssyriaNinus son of Belus became famous for his victories. He rebuilt Nineveh and gave it great magnificence. As he was waging war against the Bactrians *Bactriciens, he owed the victory only to Semiramis, the wife of one of his officers. He married her after the death of her husband.eEmpire of AssyriaSardanapale *Sardanaple IIConquest of SyriaSemiramis governed the people wisely she built Babylon and gave her a greater magnificence than that of Nineveh she seized Ethiopia *Ethopia she attempted the conquest of India but she could not do it and lost two-thirds *thiers of her army when she returned to her country her son Ninyas was conspiring against her. The queen abandoned the throne to him. Ninyas *Nynias was very different from Semiramis, he was weak as well as his successors and they were all real lazy kings. The last Sardanapale *Sardanaple was even worse than the others.The governor of Media *Media Arbaces declared war on Sardanapalus *Sardanaple this prince fought with enough courage, but he lost the victory [sic] so he was burned with its treasures. From its debris were formed the Medes, the kingdom of Babylon and that of Nineveh Made the Israelites *Israelites tributary because they *because they had asked for his help in battle.Teglath-Phalasar *Theglath Phalasar attacked Ahaz mit end to the empire of Assyria and only withdrew after having devastated all Israel *Israel. He took from Phacea all the possessions he had beyond the Jordan *Judin.SemiramisTeglath-Phalasar18-19724-712712-707707667647Destruction of IsraelSennacheribAsharaddonDefeat *Defeat of HolofernesFall of NinevehKings of Nineveh.The kingdom of Israel was completely invaded by Shalmaneser . King Hosea of ​​Israel sustained the siege for three years, but after that time he was forced to surrender. The kingdom of Israel was thus destroyed. The successor of Shalmanesar, attempted the ruin of Judah, the pious king Hezekiah was on the throne, God had mercy on the kingdom of Judah and Sennacherib was shamefully defeated *defeated by the angel of the Lord. This prince captured Babylon. He sent an army against Judah. Manassé *Manassés was defeated and taken captive with part of his people. Nebuchadnezzar was very happy at first, he won victories. However, his general Holofernes had been sent to subjugate *underneath the West, he was killed by Judith in Bethulia *Bethulue, the whole army was annihilated *annihilated. The king was Sésac who initially put up a fairly strong resistance but being defeated he killed himself. Thus ended the second Assyrian empire, it had lasted 134 years from 739-625.e or Saosduchéus 667 – Sésac or Chynaladan 647 – The last empire of Assyria counted only * only seven kings20-21759733-690690-655655-595595-560eAstyage Fourth Section. The Medes and the Persians before their wars with the Greeks. The Medes from Japhet occupied the country between the Tigris and the Indus. Persia only began to have its own existence shortly before the birth of Cyrus. General Arbaces made the media independent but the people chose Dejoces as king. This king made himself loved by his subjects and had magnificent monuments built. His son governed with much less wisdom he was killed following a war by Nebuchadnezzar 1eCyaxares was much happier than his father. He defeated the Assyrians. But he was defeated by the Scythians *Sytes, but he et [sic] treacherously exterminated them. Then he went to conquer Nineveh and captured it. Astyages succeeded his father. He was called Ahasuerus in Scripture he reigned thirty-five years. His reign was gentle and peaceful. He had two children: Cyaxare, who succeeded him, and a Mandane girl who married Cambyses, king of Persia. It was from this marriage that Cyrus Illustrious conqueror of Asia was born. From Greece. 22e Section. Formation of Greece. Divine Age. Heroic Age. It was divided into three parts: northern, middle and southern Greece. Islands were added to it. The Greeks were of the race of Japheth. The oldest peoples are the Pelasgians. They settled in the Peloponnese *Peloponnese, this people marked its domination by colossal constructions. There were also the colonies of Cecrops, Cadmus and Danaüs The brother of Sesostris, driven out of Egypt in 1572, seized the city of Argos and dominated over the whole Peloponnese *Peloponnese all his descendants were dispossessed by the Phrygian Pelops son of Tantalus, king of Sipyle in Mysia. The eastern colonies which had weakened the Pelasgians, were in turn supplanted by the Hellenes. they were led to Greece by Deucalion, who had two sons, one of whom Hellen gave his name to the race of the Hellenes. The Ionians, Aeolian, Dorians and Achaeans formed families among the Greeks which have always remained distinct in their manners and customs. Among the Achaeans we saw Agamemnon stand out. School notebook n° 16 p. 25[Draft letter]Monsignor, Monsignor, I allow myself to come and ask for a blessing on the eve of my entry into Carmel. I do not forget that I am the granddaughter of your Grandeur Grandeur [sic] and I know what I owe to his paternal paternal kindness [sic] Now your little Grandeur that you... (unfinished)  
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