the Carmel

My uncle's notebook


Uncle Guérin's "Cahier de Raison" - familiarly quoted in the notes of critical editions as the My uncle's notebook, begins with the Table of Contents, then with two blank pages on which is glued the photo of a fabulous family tree - enlarged opposite.

We spot Isidore himself and his descendants at the top right. The photo of his daughter Marie as a Carmelite is an easy reference to find.

The double pages of the Guérin, Maudelonde, Fournet and Montsaint genealogies follow. Their state of disrepair led us to present them in solo pages for the expansion.

We then find on a double page treated as a single file of papers glued with additions on the Montsaint. The David (owner of La Musse) and Charvet genealogies can be found at the end of the book, p. 131. Note that Isidore is occasionally mistaken... After these initial genealogies begin the information on all the members of the Martin and Guérin family, including Mr. Guérin himself (page 26), and from there , the information seems to be noted down regularly, over the years. Pages 47 to 65 are blank. From page 66, Mr. Guérin resumes the system of one page per person, this time entitled "memorial". Occasionally, we find a mention added by a foreign hand, as p. 45, the mention of his own death.

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