the Carmel

To Our Dear Mistress and Mother for her 60th birthday - PN 02

1. Oh! what a happy birthday
We are celebrating on this beautiful day!
To our good and loving Mother
Let us sing, let us sing all our love.

2. For sixty years now on earth,
Divine Jesus, you have gazed on
A flower very dear to you.
You water it with your graces.

3. Jesus, your sweet-smelling flower
Has gained many hearts for you.
In this valley she has gathered
A beautiful harvest of flowers.

4. Divine Jesus, in our Heavenly Homeland
You will know how to reward her.
We will see you crown her
With the harvest she has gathered.

5. Jesus, your Rose is the Mother
Who directs our childlike hearts.
Deign to listen to their prayer:
May they celebrate her eightieth birthday!

The three little novices
Sr Therese of the Child Jesus
Sr Martha of Jesus
Sr. Marie-Madeleine

February 20 in the year of our Lord 1894

date: February 20, 1894
addressee: Marie de Gonzague
The poetry is written for Marie de Gonzague's birthday. In 1894, she found herself for a year Mistress of Novices and as such, birthdays are always celebrated in a festive way by the young people.

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