the Carmel

Appreciation of Story of a Soul by Sister Marie Aloysia Vallée

Visit to Le Mans
11th June 1899

Ah! How good it is in the company of this angelic soul! I confess to you, my good Mother, that I would never tire of rereading and always rereading with new delight... How can one tire of admiring so many true virtue, wisdom, lights supernatural in this dear little soul that the good Lord made so great? And all this under such a charming exterior, with a childish simplicity that delighted Heaven and earth! Everything seems easy, and yet it is virtue carried to the point of heroism. On this subject, I will not finish my beloved Mother.

One thing that particularly struck me and rejoiced when reading Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus, these are her traits of resemblance intimate with our Venerable Mother Marie de Sales Chappuis, to whom Our Lord himself entrusted the mission of “opening to souls the door of trust ". Well, yes, my dear Mother, your little saint seemed to me en plein in what the Venerable Mother calls the way. They therefore recognized themselves in Heaven, and they united for this great and divine mission by which the Savior “will once again save the world” by discovering to them in an admirable way the treasures of divine Charity. Isn't that something that makes me rejoice and you too ?